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The Newbies Guide to the Internet
Originally written on: 7/1/01 revised: 13/1/01
by Clayman

Who this Guide is for

This is for everybody who is interested in hacking, or whatever you think hacking is. It is also usefull to people who get flamed all the time. This guide is only for newbies & lamers, and maybe for (I hope) a few others.

Shut up and tell me how to be a hacker

Uhmm... no. I guess you watched a few movies, hanged around the internet, and thought "hacking" is interesting. Which is quite normal. Then, you asked the question "Teach me how to hack" or "How can I hack this site" or something similar to the first board you found. You got flamed, everybody called you a lamer etc... which is also quite normal.

So, the moral of the story is: Before asking "how can I become a hacker" first learn actually what the heck you want to do. What is hacking anyway etc. So, this guide, step by step will teach you how to learn.

Right, but I do not understand it.. is a lamer a newbie?

Definitly no. That's why there are two seperate words for them. Are you wondering who is a newbie, lamer or what does "elite", "warez d00d", "script-kiddie" or "wanna-be" mean? Or you simply do not understand what you read maybe.. These texts would clear up things a bit on what is what: 

* The Jargon File: http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/jargon.html 
* Hacker Stages: http://www.elfqrin.com/docs/HackerStages.html 

Uhm.. but why did guys flame me anyway?

Lesson 1: Before posting anything to any forum, read the forum rules and the forum faq. Why should you? Well, you know, FAQ means frequently asked questions, and since people got tired of them, they put it up. And trust me, "teach me how to break into my girlfriends hotmail account" is quite frequent a post. So, if you do not read the faq, not only you look like an idiot but you also waste other peoples time.. so:

Rule 1: Read the rules of the board. Read the FAQ of the board. Read it twice.
Rule 2: After making sure you read rule 1, don't look anywhere neaer the caps lock.

There is also a nice guide on "how to post without getting flamed" written by Raven, read it from www.securitywriters.org

So, how am I supposed the find the answers, you #!$

Uhmm.. everybody knows yahoo.com, and almost everybody knows altavista.com. So, you see, the internet is kinda HUGE, so people decided some sort of search would be cool, and then they decided to create SEARCH ENGINES. So, aren't you searching an answer? Yes you do.. It is higly probable that somebody else asked the same question, so go and use the search engines. So, asking a question like "How can I learn C++" is kinda.. lame. Go to google.com. Search for "Learning C++" or logically, before learning how to program, you should actually know how to program, so search for "What is C++". See the point? You are not making people repeat the same thing again and again, but learn the answer yourself. This is good practice, since you do not always find people at message boards who know the answer to your question.

Rule 3: Use search engines.
Rule 4: Use directories (dmoz.org, yahoo.com)

But these sites do not have what I need?

Hmm.. If you are looking for a good security search engine

* http://astalavista.box.sk 

or good security portals

* http://neworder.box.sk 
* http://securityfocus.com 
* http://packetstorm.securify.com 

Hmm.. I don't like reading. Any other suggestion?

Nope. You have to read. a lot. This is very normal because: reading = knowledge, knowledge = understanding and wisdom. You need understanding and wisdom to become a hacker. Simple. If you do not like reading, stop reading this now.

So, what do you recommend me to read?

I recommend you to read everything you find in

* http://neworder.box.sk 
* http://blacksun.box.sk 
* http://www.securitywriters.org
* http://www.phrack.com 
* http://www.elfqrin.com/hack 
* http://www.attrition.org  --- the text archive is *huge*

Uhh.. who is a hacker? what is hacking?

Ohh, easy. 

* Read the essay "Being Hacker" and "Open Letter to a wannabe hacker" by Elf Qrin from the hacking lab essays 
* Read "The Hacker How-to" by Eric S. Raymond from tuxedo.

Cool, teach me how to hack

Read the hacking faq's out there... you did not explore the url's I gave you, did you? When you understand that this question is *meaningless* be proud of yourself. If you stil post this question to every forum on sight, start reading this guide from the beginning.

How can I learn programming?

By reading on programming. Go to

* http://code.box.sk 

to get a clear idea on each language. Don't forget to check the tutorials and "other sites" section. Btw, downloading source-code and compiling copy/paste style WON'T teach you much... If you are finding it difficult to find source-code, go to:

* http://www.sourceforge.net 

this should keep you busy for quite a while.

Ahem, I ask for serial numbers but nobody replies..

This has nothing to do with security. That's the reason for it. And you also did not read the board rules. Using pirated software is illegal, but if you want to use it, don't ask for the "crack" in public, search for it using astalavista.

Do you have any suggestions?


+ Don't reply to people who only flame and curse to you or just tell them they are wasting their own time.
+ Don't waste your time reading every senseless message on every board. Read something usefull, such as Slashdot.org
+ Use webboards or irc as the last option of obtaining information.
+ Don't use any scripts / programs unless you know what you are doing.
+ Don't follow ideas / trends because it is cool, like:

* Don't tell all Microsoft products are bad unless you are ready to answer a question like "Why is Visual C++ worse than Borland C++ builder?"

* Don't say "Linux rules" if you do not have any answer to "why linux rules" besides it is open-source, it is stable, it is fast, it is secure, and it looks cute.

* Don't say "Using Linux GUI is no better, use the command line". Typing commands does not make you l33t. Period. Sometimes using the gui is a lot faster. Thinking you are elite because you type is as bad as thinking you are elite because you use linux.

* Don't say "This [program / way / script / website / anything ] is better" without giving a try to the other options. How do you know it is better without trying every other option?

Do not belive everything you read. Do not damage other people's website / data. How'd you feel if you learned some kiddie put porn pictures as wallpaper into your 6-year-old daughters pc? or if your hard disk was formatted?

Hmm, I don't have the time...

No problem, being a user can also be fun. Bye bye.

Are you a hacker?


So why should I believe you?

You shouldn't believe me... or anybody without questioning it. If you find something you read logical, use it, otherwise just "know" it.

Distribute as you wish, but before making a change please ask me first.
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