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Commodore 8 bit boot screens Commodore 8 bit (PET, PET-II, VIC-20, C64, C16, C+4, C128) boot screens on your browser for oldtimers.
Commodore 8bit systems
(PET, CBM-II, VIC20, C64, C128)
home page download WinVICE (Windows; source)
home page download VICE (DOS, Linux; source)
Commodore 64 home page download WinVICE (Windows; source)
home page download VICE (DOS, Linux; source)
home page download CCS64 (DOS, Windows) - shareware: US$ 30, there are currently no limitations for unregistered users
home page download Frodo (AmigaOS, Windows, Unix, MacOS, RiscOS, EPOC, BeOS; source)
home page download E32Frodo (Symbian; source)
Commodore 16/+4 home page download YAPE (Windows, Pocket PC, Linux, Solaris, BeOS, MacOS; source)
home page download WinEmu (Windows)
home page download Minus4 (Windows, DOS, Java; source)
Sinclair ZX81 home page download VB81 (Windows; source)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (16K/48K/128K) home page download Real Spectrum (DOS, Windows)
home page download Spectacultor (Windows, iOS) [shareware]
home page download ZX32 (Windows) - Not as good as Real Spectrum. Use it only if you need a Spectrum emulator able to run in Windows windowed mode
home page download UnrealSpeccy (Windows; source) - A Spectrum emulator with some extra features not present in the original Spectrum (hence the "Unreal" in the name)
home page download Jasper (Java)
home page download Java Spectrum Emulator (Java) - You must request the file via e-mail
home page download Lenskey (Java) - Lenslok for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Apple ][e home page download Apple IIe win (Windows; source)
home page download AppleIIgo (MIDP 2.0 mobile phones; source)
Apple /// home page download Sara (MacOS)
MSX home page download RuMSX (Windows; limited source)
home page download OpenMSX (Windows, MacOS X; source)
Amstrad CPC home page download CaPriCe32 (Windows; source)
Atari 800 home page download Atari800Win PLus (Windows; source)
Atari 5200 home page download Jum's A5200 Emulator (DOS, Windows, MacOS, BeOS, QNX, Playstation 2)
home page download VSS Virtual Super System (DOS)
home page download Regal Beagle (Windows GUI for VSS)
Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 home page download Atari800 (DOS, Unix, Amiga, Atari TT/Falcon, SDL, WinCE; source)
Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 home page download Atari++ (Unix; source)
BBC Micro home page download pcBBC (DOS) [shareware, demo is limited to 10 minutes, single sound channel, 4 ROMs]
home page download BeebEm (Windows, DOS, Unix, MacOS, PocketPC, Agenda Vr3; source)
home page download JBeeb (Java; source)
Aquarius home page download Virtual Aquarius (Windows)
home page download AqEmu (Windows; source available for a fee)
Acorn Atom home page download Acorn Atom Emulator (Linux; source)
home page download Acorn Atom Emulator (DOS; source)
Acorn Archimedes (A3xx to A5000, up to RiscOS 3.1) home page download Arculator (Windows, DOS)
Acorn Archimedes (RiscPC or A7000, RiscOS 3.5 and greater) home page download RPCemu (Windows, Linux)
Commodore Amiga home page download UAE (Linux; source)
home page download WinUAE (Windows; source)
home page download MaxUAE (MacOS X; source)
home page download Cloanto Amiga Forever (Windows) [shareware] - WinUAE add-on
home page download ADF Opus (Windows; source) - Tool to browse and edit ADF virtual volumes
Atari ST home page download SainT (Windows)
Apple Macintosh home page download Basilisk II (Linux, AmigaDOS, BeOS, IRIX; source)
home page download Basilisk II (Windows; source) - (website unavaliable)
home page download Basilisk II (MacOS X)
PC-DOS home page download DOSBox (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, BeOS, OS/2; source)
home page download FreeDOS (Operating System; source) - FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system
Atari VCS 2600 home page download PCAE Win (Windows)
home page download Stella (DOS, Windows, Windows CE, Linux, MacOS, GP2X; source)
home page download PCAE (DOS)
home page download Stella (DOS, Windows, Windows CE, Linux, MacOS, GP2X; source)
home page download z26 (Windows, DOS; source)
home page download StellaX (Windows)
Intellivision home page download Nostalgia (Windows, PocketPC 2003)
Colecovision home page download Virtual Colecovision (Windows, Java; source)
Sega Master System home page download MEKA (Windows, DOS, Linux; source) - MEKA is a Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Game 1000, Sega Computer 3000, Sega Mark III, Colecovision, and Othello Multivision emulator for DOS
NES - Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) home page download RockNES (Windows, DOS, Linux)
home page download Nestopia (Windows, MacOS; source)
home page download FCE Ultra (Windows, Unix; source)
home page download VirtuaNES (Windows; source)
Core Graf'x (PC Engine) home page download Magic Engine (Windows, MacOS) [shareware, demo is limited to 5 minutes]
home page download Hu-Go! (Windows, DOS, Linux, Solaris, MorphOS, BeOS; source)
Sega Megadrive, Genesis, Sega CD home page download Kega Fusion (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)
home page download Gens (Windows, DOS; source)
Sega Megadrive, Genesis home page download DGen/SDL (Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, BeOS; source)
SNES - Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) home page download SNES9x (Windows, Linux, MacOS X; source)
home page download ZSNES (Windows, DOS, Linux; source)
Commodore CD32/CDTV home page download WinUAE (Windows; source)
3DO home page download FreeDO (Windows, MacOS X; source code no longer available)
Sega Saturn home page download Satourne (Windows)
Nintendo Virtual Boy home page download Reality Boy (Windows)
Nintendo 64 home page download Project 64 (Windows; source)
Nintendo GameCube home page download Dolwin (Windows; source)
home page download Whinecube (Windows)
Sony Playstation home page download ePSXe (Windows, Linux)
home page download PSXeven (Windows)
home page download PCSX (Windows, Linux, Dreamcast; source)
Sega Dreamcast home page download Chankast (Windows)
home page download Chankast Utilities (Windows) - Chankast add on
home page download DreamEMU (Windows)
Sony Playstation 2 home page download PCSX2 (Windows)
MicroSoft Xbox home page download CXBX (Windows 2000/XP; source)
home page download Xeon (Windows)
Microsoft Xbox 360  -
Sony Playstation 3  -
Nintendo Wii (formerly Revolution)  -
Hand-Held Consoles
Nintendo GameBoy home page download VisualBoy Advance (Windows)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance home page download VisualBoy Advance (Windows)
Atari Lynx home page download Handy (Windows)
Sega Game Gear home page download Massage (Windows)
GamePak 32 (GP32) home page download GeePee32 (Windows)
GP2X  -
GPX2  -
Nintendo DS home page download Dualis (Windows)
Sony PSP home page download PSPE (Windows)
Tamagotchi home page download Tamagotchi Simulator (Windows)
WonderSwan home page download Cygne (Windows; source)
home page download OSwan (Windows; source)
Arcade Machines
Various Arcade machines home page download MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) (Windows, Linux, MacOS, AmigaOS, AmigaPPC, OS/2, BeOS, PocketPC, Epoc32, SymbianOS, Xbox, Dreamcast, Digital Cameras; source)
Taito 68000+68020, Jaleco, Capcom home page download Raine (Windows, DOS; source)
Capcom System 1 Games home page download Callus (Windows, DOS)
Irem, SNK and Capcom home page download Rage (Windows)
Neo Geo home page download NeoRAGEx (Windows)
Sega System 16 home page download System 16 Win (Windows; source)
Sega System 32, Sega System 32 Multi, Sega Model 1 (NEC V60 CPU) home page download Modeler (Windows)
Laser Disc games home page download Daphne (Windows, Linux, MacOS X; source)
SCUMM home page download ScummVM (Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, MacOS, AmigaOS, BeOS, Symbian, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Morphos, Dreamcast, PSP; source)

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