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by Elf Qrin

Search for information about yourself or other people on the Internet.

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EgoSurfer is a powerful tool that combine a few personal data you provide about yourself or someone else to look for information about it on the Internet through main search engines and directories.

Unlikely common search engines is quite easy to use: simply fill the input form with the data you have (all fields are optional, you don't need to fill them all) and click on the GO button to get all the related information (or, in other words, what traces such person left on the Internet).

While most fields are self explanatory a few words might be necessary for the "Include" and "Exclude" fields: you can use them to put extra data you want to include or exclude in the search process. For example, if the person you are looking for has a certain specific interest you can put it in the "Include" field. On the contrary, if such person has the very same name of a popular singer or basketball player, you can exclude this activity to prevent unwanted unrelated links appear in the results.

Separate terms with a comma (","). For example, if the person you are looking for uses different nicks or e-mails enter them in the appropriate field separating each one with a comma.

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