Elf Qrin's Cyber Lab

since 1999

by Valerio Capello

Welcome to OurBiz, online personal encryption tool for private communications.

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Please ask everyone alien to this communication
to leave the room, BEFORE to enter the password.

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Special functions

Clear all text windows
Clear password and plain text
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Clear password and plain text after encyripting
Ask confirmation before to clear any text


OurBiz is a tool to keep private communications between two people, through encrypted messages.
It could be used by two friends, of which one of them (or both) doesn't have a personal e-mail address and they have to use someone else's mailbox to swap e-mails, and they don't want to disclose the content of their messages to this third persons. Thanks to OurBiz they can choose a password known only to them, and then swap encrypted messages they can decodify in this page, using that password.
OurBiz is very easy to use, you only have to follow the following steps.

To read an encrypted message you received, you have to:

  1. Enter the password
  2. Copy+Paste the encrypted message you received in the apposite box
  3. Press the "Decrypt message" button
  4. Read the decrypted message; if the password you entered is incorrect you will only see meaningless characters, in this case repeat the procedure from the step n. 1, making sure the password is the correct one (check for upper/lower case).
To reply to the message you received (or to send a new one), you have to:
  1. Enter the password, if it isn't present
  2. Write the reply in the apposite box
  3. Press the "Encrypt reply" button
  4. The encrypted reply will appear in its box: you must select all the encrypted text by pressing the right mouse button and chosing "Select all" from the context menu, then you have to Copy+Paste it in the letter to send to the other person. If you want to do it via e-mail, you can click on the apposite link, or, if you are using Netscape, you can simply click the button to send an e-mail with the encrypted message.

To clear a text window, you can click on the "X" button, on the top left corner of every window.
You can clear more windows at once using the buttons in the special functions section.
If you try to encrypt o decrypt without entering a password (or after it has been deleted), you'll be asked for it.

Technical notes: the encryption code used is the Vermont one, that uses the XOR (eXclusive OR) logic operator to codify and decodify the text. The peculiarity of this code is that it uses the same algorithm for both codify and decodify. If the password has the same number of characters of the text you want to codify (if it has more, the exceeding ones are unused), and will be used only once, the code is called One Time Pad Vernam-Mauborgne, and is considered 100% safe, for it's the same code used for the communications between the White House and the Cremlyn during the Cold War.

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