Being Hacker   en
Essere Hacker   it
Ein Hacker sein   bg
Da Budesh Hacker   bg
by Elf Qrin
Essay about the meaning of being hacker and the hacker ethic, with several quotations from the hacker's leterature.
Italian version published on BFi - bUTCHERED fR0M iNSiDE #7 25Dic1999 (file 2 di 22: v1.0 r31AUG1999-09SEP1999), and on MIR (Mensa Italia Review) Dicembre 1999.
Hacker Stages   en
Gli stadi di un hacker   it
Die stadien eines Hackers   de
Etapi na razvitieto na edin hacker   bg
by Elf Qrin
A text about the characters related to the hacker scene.
Originally posted on Blacksun Discussion Forum (11:01:00 22/01/2000), and CyberArmy discussion forum ((8ECBc) 15:03:44 22/01/2000), and BlackBox message board (2000/Jan/22 01:03).
Featured on NewOrder's front page (Feb 2000).
Open letter to a wannabe hacker   en
Lettera aperta a un aspirante hacker   it
lettre ouverte à un aspirant hacker   pl
Otevřený dopis od Hackerů   cz
Otwarty list do wannabe hacker   pl
by Elf Qrin
An open letter addressed to all that kids who want to become hackers.

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