How to bypass BIOS passwords   en
by Elf Qrin
Workaround for lost BIOS passwords using standard backdoors, or by flashing the BIOS via software or hardware.
Featured on NewOrder's front page (May 2000).
BIOS beeps   en
by Elf Qrin
Find the meaning of sounds from the BIOS you can hear at the bootstrap.
Uploading and Dowloading binaries to the Usenet   en
Guida allo scambio di file binari su UseNet   it
by Elf Qrin
How to upload and download binary files to a newsgroup, with a particular attention to large files sent in multiple posts.
Published on #8.
Autostart programs in Windows   en
Unter Windows Programme automatisch starten   de
by Elf Qrin
Many programs, when installed, configure the system to make automatically start their useless and resources consuming preloads or archivers every time you boot up. Learn how to autolaunch programs in Windows, and how to clean up your system.
Sensible data storage in Windows   en
by Elf Qrin
This guide shows you where some popular programs for Windows store their data and how can you protect your privacy by deleting or modifying them. Also, these information can be useful if you want to back up your data.
Install-a-LAMP   en
by Elf Qrin
A tutorial to the installation of a LAMP system: (Debian) GNU/Linux, Apache webserver, MySQL, PHP.
Install-a-WAMP(P)   en
by Elf Qrin
A tutorial to the installation of a WAMPP system: Windows, Apache webserver, MySQL, PHP, Perl.
Programming in extreme conditions   en
Programmare in condizioni estreme   it
Προγραμματίζοντας Υπό Αντίξοες Συνθήκες   el
εœ¨ζžι™ζ‘δ»ΆδΈ‹ηΌ–η¨‹(转)   cn
by Alexey Kalmykov (aka B52)
What if you have a computer with only MS-DOS installed on it, with no compilers, text editors, whatever... nothing but the Character User Interface of your outdated Operating System. Will you still be able to code a program and make it run?
Writing to a file without a text editor   en
by \bin\bash
How can you create a file in DOS/Windows or Unix/Linux without any editor?

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