I've collected these jokes during the years from the Web, or from e-mails I received. I don't know who wrote them. If you know some of the authors, please contact me so that I can give them the proper credit.

Computer Jokes

If Operating Systems were Airlines
Diary of an AOL User
The power user's guide to power users
Help Desk call
Internet cleaning
How to confuse, worry, or scare people in the computer lab
The programmer's debugging song
Top ten INTEL slogans for the Pentium
Ten Unforeseen consequences of the Millenium Bug
Y2K back'up system
A Guide to Software Revisions
Movie cliches about computers and electronics


MicroSoft buys USA
MicroSoft buys Vatican
MicroSoft Nuclear Test
MicroSoft sues Bandai
MicroSoft patents Open Source
MicroSoft patents 0 and 1
If MicroSoft built cars
How Microsoft Would Change The Auto Industry

Micro$oft - Bill Gate$

The World's Smartest Man
Bill Gates in Afterlife
Bill Gates calls the Belgian Police
What if Bill Gates Ran NASA

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