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Elf Qrin's Lair interviews Bjarne Stroustrup   en
October, 14 2000
Bjarne Stroustrup, born in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1950, is the designer and original implementer of C++, the most widely used language supporting object-oriented programming.
Elf Qrin interviews The Mentor   en
Elf Qrin intervista The Mentor   it
July, 31 2000
The Mentor, handle of Loyd Blankenship. Elite hacker and former member of the Legion of Doom, the PhoneLine Phantoms, the Racketeers and Extasyy Elite. Writer of the legendary "Conscience of a Hacker" (The "Hacker's Manifesto").
Hugues Henry interviews NoŽl Godin   en
February, 9 1998
On February 4th 1998 Bill Gates was hit with a cream pie on his face by a commando leaded by NoŽl Godin "l'entarteur" (the "encaker"), while visiting the Belgian Prime Minister.

Interviews to Elf Qrin

Rupert Cocke interviews Elf Qrin for the Wall Street Journal Europe   en
April 2002
An interview about Elf Qrin, ElfQrin.com, and hacking in general.

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