The Conscience of a Hacker   en
th k0$ 0f hx0 (1337 version)   en
La coscienza di un Hacker   it
by The Mentor
The legendary hacker's manifesto.
The Konscience of a Kourier   en
by The Kodeslayer
The Mentor hacker's manifesto ported to the warez d00dz scene.
A Novice's Guide to Hacking- 1989 edition   en
by The Mentor
A guide for novice hackers by the elite hacker Mentor himself, written in 1989. Outdated nowadays, but yet a historical document.
The History of LOD/H   en
by Lex Luthor
The history of the legendary hacking crew 'Legion of Doom/Hackers', written by its founder Lex Luthor. Includes the full list of all the members.
from The LOD/H Technical Journal, Issue #4: File 06 of 10
Bill Gates' mugshot   en Bill Gates got caught in New Mexico, in 1977.
Bill Gates pied   en On February 4th 1998 Bill Gates was hit with a cream pie on his face while visiting the Belgian Prime Minister.
An Open Letter to Hobbyists   en
by Bill Gates
The first document ever against software piracy, wrote by the man who monopolized the software market a few years after...
The origin of Spacewar   en
L'origine di Spacewar   it
by J.M. Graetz
A reprint from the August, 1981 issue of Creative Computing magazine about the first videogame in history created by the earliest hackers at the MIT, in 1962.
Shareware: what, how, why....   en
by Jeff "Yak" Minter
A text about the concept of shareware written by the legendary creator of psychedelic games such as "Sheep in space" and "The revenge of the mutant camels".
Kasparov vs Deep Blue   en
(source: IBM research)
In May 1997, IBM's Deep Blue Supercomputer played a fascinating match with the reigning World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov. For the first time a computer program beaten a world champion chess player.
Fun at the SMAU 2000   en
On Friday October 20th 2000 at the SMAU in Milan, the most important technologic expo in Italy, something changed on the screens of the Italian Parliament and Senate stand.
Apache server test page   en
The default Apache webserver test page.

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