ASCII table   en A list of all the American Standard Code for Information Interchange characters.
Keyboard scancodes for PC compatibles   en
by Alexey Kalmykov (aka B52)
Keyboard scancodes for PC/XT, 84-key and 101-key AT keyboards
Internet Authorities and Entities   en A reference guide of Internet's authorities and entities.
Country codes   en Country Codes and Internet Top Level domains (ISO-3166 codes).
Port list   en
The comprehensive list of all the standard Internet ports. Includes ports used by programs such as trojans and firewalls. Useful to understand the output of port listeners and port scanners.
HTTP Status Codes   en
by Elf Qrin
The list of the standard status codes returned by a web server when we ask for a resource, like 404-Not Found, and the lesser known ones.
File Formats   en
Collected by Elf Qrin
File formats and extensions.
Software Versions   en
by Elf Qrin
A list of the various type of software versions.
Originally posted on Blacksun Discussion Forum (11:56:36 30/01/2000), and CyberArmy discussion forum ((xg8xv) 15:56:24 30/01/2000).
Color codes   en it
Standard Corel color table with HTML colors in RGB hex format.
IRC and mIRC commands   en The complete list of IRC/mIRC commands, including mode flags and text editing/colors commands.
AT commands for Hayes compatible modems   en The whole list of AT commands, special commands and registers for Hayes compatible modems.

Opcode lists

80x86 opcodes   en
Compiled by Eric Isaacson
65xx opcodes   en
Compiled by Craig Taylor
Z80 opcodes   en
Compiled by Simon Owen

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