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lemonade Summer Business: Lemonade!
(Lemonade Stand)
by Valerio Capello


Week  :  
Budget: $
Price : 

Sugar : Kg.
Lemons: Kg.
Cups  :    

HOW TO PLAY: You are a kid who decided to earn some money during the summer, so you thought it was a good idea to sell lemonades every saturday.
You built your lemonade stand with cheap materials, then you asked 10 bucks to your parents to start your business.
Every week you have to buy lemons, sugar, and descartable cups, depending on your budget, the stuff left from the previous week, and the forecast for the next saturday (you'll sell more in the hot days, rather than in the cooler ones).
On saturdays you have to state the price per cup you are going to sell your lemonade. People are most likely to pay more during the hottest days.

HISTORY: A text-only based game from the early years of popular computer science (it can probably be dated before than 1985).